How To Buy

Here are some of the ways that you can buy GHOST:

Buy from TradeOgre Exchange

One of the best places to buy or sell GHOST is TradeOgre’s Exchange. Our current trading pair is BTC/GHOST. TradeOgre has been around for years, as a privacy focused exchange. They only charge 0.01 GHOST to withdraw and are US friendly. You will need an email and authenticator, but no other private information is shared. Please take part in adding liquidity to our highly recommended exchange!

Buy from NonKYC

Ghost is now listed on NonKyc Exchange. NonKYC offers a wide range of services from markets to liquidity pools. Available pairs BTC-ETH-MATIC-USDT-XMR

NonKYC has supports deposit and withdraws for both Mainchain $GHOST and $wGHOST on the Polygon network.

Exchanging Crypto. Protecting Identity.

Buy from ExchangeAssets

Ghost has been listed on ExchangeAssets, a Ukraine based hybrid system offering PoS Pools, bux (Active Ad System), interest and more! ExchangeAssets does not KYC, so users can enjoy the freedom of privacy while trading on the platform!
Currently, there are four different trading pairs for $GHOST! BTC, LTC, USDT, and S11. Withdrawal fees are 0.01 with Deposit times of 10 confirmations.

Buy from CrexSoft

$GHOST has been listed on CrexSoft, a Russian exchange focused on convenience, simplicity and fast service. No KYC/data collection and low fees make it a good option for traders who are interested in crypto-fiat swaps.

There are three different trading pairs for $GHOST: BTC, USD and RUR. Withdrawal fees are 0.01 GHOST with almost instant Deposit times of 1 confirmation.