Automated Ghost Veteran Rewards

All Ghost coin holders that have 20,000 Ghost or more in an address is able to receive continual rewards via AGVR.

Where do Veteran Rewards come from?

Every 2 minutes a block is created and Ghost is allocated to Veterans, Stakers, and the Development Fund.

To be eligible for AGVR there are only two things you need to do.

  • Maintain a balance of 20,000 or more in an address for 21,600 blocks, or about 30 days
  • Be actively staking your coins.


(Quick Tip) Due to the long maturity period, it is recommended to make a new wallet for use with AGVR. Just click the + button in the top left corner and follow the on screen prompts.

(Quick Tip) Send all of your funds publicly to your own receive address in the desktop wallet.

1) First, find your own receiving address. On the desktop wallet go to the “Receive” page on the sidebar. Then, it is very important that you go to the “Public address” tab. Copy your public address. This address starts with a “G”.

2) Now you will create a new transaction and send funds to yourself with your own public address, that you just copied. If your balances are in “Anon” you will need to convert them back to “Public.” To do this go to send, then click the “Convert Public > Private” tab and convert them to public. If you convert your funds from ANON to public, then you can skip steps 3-5.

3) On the desktop wallet “click Send” on the sidebar. On the “Pay From” panel select “Public” balance. Then put in your “Receiver’s address.” Make sure this is your own public address from earlier.

4) In the “Amount to send” you can simply check the “Send All” box, then click “Make Payment”.

5) There will be a notification that the transaction was sent. To verify click the “Overview” sidebar. Then look in recent transactions. You will see “STANDARD → STANDARD” at the top of the list, along with the amount sent.

Make sure to check the Reuse address box each time.

If you wish to coldstake your coins, now you can zap them. You can zap your coins either from public or ANON. To maximize your AGVR potential, always check the Reuse last address box on the Zap dialog.


After you have funded an address with 20,000 or more Ghost go to
Once there, click on the tab that says Pending Veterans. Here you will see a list of all of the pending veterans, sorted with the fewest blocks to go at the top. So scroll until you find your address.

If your address is on the pending list, then you’re good. Just sit tight and stake until the maturity period has passed.

If you don’t see your address, know that the transaction that makes the balance of that address to be 20,000 or more needs to be included in a block. It could also take up to an additional minute to show.
If after a few minute you do not see your address, make sure to check that you have the correct address and that it’s balance is 20,000 or more on an explorer. You may need to reattempt.

It is important that the balance of your address not to drop below 20,000. If your balance drops below 20,000 for any reason, you will fall off the list and the maturity period will be reset.

After the 30 days maturity period has passed, your address will move from the pending veterans tab, to the Current Veterans tab.
Congratulations! your address is fully AGVR eligible at this point.

Once AGVR eligible, every time that address gets a stake, you will receive the normal stake reward plus transaction fees plus AGVR. That means that a standard block reward for a veteran will be 3.876+5.7+fees=9.576+

Additionally, the AGVR amount from any block that is staked by a non AGVR eligible address is carried forward until there is an AGVR eligible address that finds a stake. Meaning that AGVE eligible addresses have the opportunity to get 2 or more AGVR payments in a single block.

You will continue to collect AGVR every time you stake a block, so long as the balance remains over 20,000. No need for monthly transactions.

If for any reason the balance of that address ever drops below 20,000, AGVR eligibility will be immediately lost. AGVR eligibility will only be regained after the balance is back over 20,000 and the 30 day maturity period has passed.

Private Chatroom

All Veterans with 20,000 Ghost or more are eligible to be a part of an exclusive chatroom in telegram. Until a proper voting protocol is implemented, this chatroom is used to help make proper decisions in the best interest of Ghost.

Ask for access in our Official Public Chatroom here